Study Protocol Publication Featured in Top 10 by Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Our recent Study Protocol publication was featured in the April 2022 Cerebral Palsy Foundation Newsletter as one of the “Top 10 Latest Publications on Early Detection and Intervention for Cerebral Palsy”.

The full title of the article is: Study Protocol: Multimodal Longitudinal Assessment of Infant Brain Organization and Recovery in Perinatal Brain Injury, authored by Catarina Saiote, PhD; Ellen Sutter, PT, DPT; Annette Xenopoulos-Oddsson, MSc; Raghavendra Rao, MD; Michael Georgieff,  MD; Kyle Rudser, PhD; Colleen Peyton, DPT; Douglas Dean, PhD; Ryan M. McAdams, MD; Bernadette Gillick, PT, MSPT, PhD

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