Pediatric Neuromodulation Lab

The Pediatric Neuromodulation Laboratory is dedicated to working together with families and children to investigate early injury to the brain and the ability of the injured brain to recover and continue developing. ‘Neuromodulation’ refers to altering activity of the cells in the brain.   The tools we use include assessments of movement and function, non-invasive brain stimulation, and neuroimaging.  Our current studies focus on infants and children with early brain injury and resultant diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Specifically, we investigate how the brain recovers and develops after early injury, and the development of new interventions with rehabilitation to optimize lifelong outcomes.

Diversity Statement

We recognize each participant and family involved in our laboratory as a valuable contributor to our research and as an equal member of our team.  We respect the unique ways each individual, whether a child or an adult, can strengthen our research laboratory community and enrich our understanding of early brain injury and resultant abilities.  We are committed to honoring all members of our research community as together we strive to ‘Empower Children for Life



Hannah with her family, including her two young children
Hannah with her family, including her two young children

“My name is Hannah. I am currently 23 years old and participated in the studies when I was just starting high school and did several studies throughout my high school years. I have two amazing boys and an amazing support system.

Participating in the studies not only gave me more strength in my left side, but it gave me the ability and confidence to take care of my boys. If not for the studies and the therapy I received I don’t think I would have as much function as I do in my left hand. When I got approached to do the very first study I was definitely skeptical just because I didn’t think I would get a lot out of it. After the first one I was definitely intrigued and wanted to learn more and do more so that other people could get out of this what I was. I met so many amazing and kind people from doing these studies. Not only the staff like Bernadette, but also some other participants when doing the camp. Before starting I had limited function in my left hand. I was very use to and adapted to using my right hand for a lot of daily tasks. Now even years later I’ve now gotten the ability to use my left hand in the things I use to do with just my right. You never know when certain things come your way, but being approached and participating in these studies has been one of the best experiences and outcome for my life. I can do things now that I wasn’t able to do before and for that I say thank you.” — Hannah, Study Participant

Emma: Left, Emma smiles with Dr. Gillick, Right, Emma participating in a coloring activity in the lab.
Emma: Left – Emma smiles with Dr. Gillick. Right – Emma participating in a coloring activity in the lab.

“When we were given the devastating news about Emma’s brain injury shortly after birth, neuroplasticity gave us hope. Emma’s remarkable recovery journey included many interventions but rehab therapies were vital. Participating in Dr. Gillick’s research camp was a fun way for Emma to receive cutting-edge therapy and give back to the therapy community that gave her so much.” — Bridget, Mother of Study Participant

“The reason I got involved with the Gillick Lab Studies is that I wanted to contribute to the research to improve the lives of kids like me. I met new people and had fun while doing therapy which I always find helpful in keeping my right hand functioning at its best.” — Emma, Study Participant

 Toddler with photo“We enjoyed working with Bernadette and her team’s research efforts by having our daughter participate in several different assessments. Every single team member was always welcoming, kind, and sincere in the work they were doing. They were very flexible at accommodating our schedules and even stayed in the lab past midnight to complete a test while our daughter (finally) fell asleep! Their humor and compassion added to the positive experience and we have enjoyed staying in touch throughout the years.” — Amanda and Eric S., Parents of Infant Participant

“Working with Bernadette and her team was a great experience. They were very flexible and adjusted things to fit our needs. I felt very welcomed in their lab.” — Parent of Infant with Perinatal Stroke

Dalton - Study participant“[I’d like to share that I have] the ability to work with what the man upstairs gave me. Worked at my dream job in high school and pushed myself to get into the career I wanted (lots of challenges). Mom and Dad are my biggest supporters always said there is no I can’t it’s always I can.” Why did I get involved in the Gillick Lab Studies? “It was new and different it might not help me, but i hope it might make a difference in someone else’s life/future.” What did I like about being involved in research? “Education and meeting people and hearing their stories!” What are my recommendations or other thoughts? “Keep on doing what you do best Research! And most importantly have fun doing it.” — Dalton, Study Participant

“It was a privilege to work with such enthusiastic individuals, I learned a lot and was happy to contribute to this research.” — Torrey, Mother of Infant Participant

“More information is never a bad thing, learn more, why not participate?” — Mother of infant participant in the NICU