Undergraduate Summer 2024

Our undergraduates are working hard this summer! Congratulations to all for your endeavors.

Alina Grimaldo will be participating in the National Institutes of Health(NIH) Clinical Center Summer Internship Program:
This summer, Alina will be working at the NIH Clinical Center through the Rehabilitation Medicine Department, specifically in Dr. Diane Damiano’s lab. The main focus of their lab is conducting intervention-based studies utilizing various technologies to evaluate and improve motor function in children with developmental brain injuries. Alina will be specifically involved in study visits, data analysis, and have the opportunity to interact with teams of researchers and physicians at the NIH.

Anna Lowe will be participating gin the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus. Anna will be working on a project in the Aging and Dementia Imaging Research Lab mentored by Dr. Cogswell and Dr. Vemuri.

Paige Degrave and Danielle Gauthier will be expanding their involvement in the baby Brain Recovery Study this summer in our lab. They will be working with recruitment, protocol development, training incorporation, data collection, and data analysis.