2023 Research Week

May 15-19: The Department of Pediatrics hosted the annual Research Week and we were pleased to present 4 posters surrounding our good work in in our lab.


1. Assessment of Corticospinal Tract Circuitry Through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Motor Evoked Potentials: Cameron Casey, Alina Grimaldo, Ellen Sutter, Veronika Mak, Preston Christopher, Bernadette Gillick

2. Evidence-based infant assessment for cerebral palsy: relationship to early diagnosis and intervention access Ellen Sutter, Kellie Collins, Melissa Villegas, Janet Legare, Jens Eickhoff, Bernadette Gillick

3. The “Passport” to Clinical Research Participant Engagement: Integrating Families and Children in a Research JourneyEllen N. Sutter, PT, DPT, Lindsay Gissler, SPT, Hannah Koziol, SPT, Julia Rose Schiller, SPT, Veronika Mak and Bernadette Therese Gillick, PT, MSPT, PhD

4. Rural Access to Pediatric Telenueromodulation in the Home Setting Preston Christopher, Marissa Gavioli, Annika Bach, Gwendolyn Nytes, Chrysanthy Ikonomidou, Melissa Villegas, Daniel Lench, Bernadette Gillick

Left to right: Ellen Sutter, Kellie Collins, Dr. Bernadette Gillick, Veronika Mak, Preston Christopher, Marissa Gavioli, Alina Grimaldo, Dr. Cameron Casey

Left to right: Ellen Sutter, Kellie Collins, Megan Moreno

View of Research Week, Photo Credit 

Left to right: Preston Christopher, Marissa Gavioli, Dr. Bernadette Gillick