Cassandra “Cassie” Nelson, RN, BSN

Position title: Research Nurse


About Me: I am a proud graduate from the University of Wisconsin nursing school! I spent the first few years of my nursing career in Phoenix on an inpatient adult cardiology unit. I transitioned into the research world and began working with ALS interventional trials. I thoroughly enjoyed working with patients who were faced with a difficult diagnosis but had such determination to find a cure or prevent another person from hearing that same diagnosis. They found hope in a dark circumstance. I gladly found my way back to my alma mater to continue my work in research in pediatrics in a variety of specialties.

What Motivates Me: I enjoy being able to work in research because it’s a world full of hope. I enjoy working with patients and families in tough times to learn more about their conditions and hopefully take steps closer to making their lives easier one day or for those in the future. They are amazing examples of perseverance and strength. Although I wish they weren’t in these situations, it’s an honor to support them in their journey.